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Product design - UX, UI

Casumo is the world’s first casino adventure, and one of the most innovative and forward thinking products in online gaming, winning the EGR Rising Star and Innovation awards in the past year.

Along with Casumo’s team of illustrators, 3D artists and designers, I worked on the brand new version of the website, released in August 2014. See more at


The discovery phase started with a thorough analysis of the user and business needs of the product. Through applied user research and analytics, personas we created and project requirements scoped out, including to

  • create a more engaging sense of progression within the ‘adventure’
  • reinforce and emphasise the immediacy and responsiveness of the in-game reward engine
  • reinforce the social and community aspect, leveraging social proof


Extensive work was done to break down the key user flows and ‘happy-paths’, resulting in a clearer hierarchal picture to base early sketches on. Content evaluation was also an important consideration at this stage.

Concepts were evaluated and refined with internal review sessions, and an early working prototype was produced to validate more immersive interactions.

Technical specifications were produced to define the layout grid, breakpoints and navigational structure.


Iterate and build

The iteration cycles continued into the visual design phase, with internal and external user-testing sessions. A design language was explored and refined, with icon sets, layout style guides, component guidelines and content specifications.

The solution

The brand new facilitated an immediate increase in engagement, session-time, retention and acquisition figures. The completely reworked UI features a new dynamic content delivery grid, based on AI and user behaviour.

The adventure is improved with new real-time in-game planetary transitions, and a brand new adventure page. The activity stream reinforces the social activity at Casumo using social proof, further leveraging the gamification layer of the adventure.

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